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- glasfibre reinforced Nylon Housing

- technical grained surface

- catch lock mechnanism for license plate



REARLIGHT                                                       YES

BREAKLIGHT                                                    YES 

INDICATORS                                                     YES

PLATE ILLUMINATION                                    YES

e-APPROVAL MARKING illumination            YES

fitting for license plate dimension                 180mm

compliance of minimum indicator dist.*      YES

no need to record in reg.papers **                YES

adjustable illumination                                    NO

(parallel adjustment to road to overcome plateangle)

*TüV conform EU minimum distance (180mm) of indicators for all motorcycles registered according EG law.

(nearly all from 1998 onwards)

**no need to record in registation papers if parts mounted correctly.


NEO plus:

Rear-, & Brakelights upper middle horizontal

Indicatorlights sideways / vertical

License Plate Illumintation integrated

NEO basic:

Rear-, Brake-, & Indicatorlights sideways / vertical

License Plate Illumintation integrated

NEO pur:

Indicatorlights sideways vertical

License Plate Illumintation integrated

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