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- milled from solid billet aluminium 

- technical surface / full inteded visible marks from machining

- universal mountable by movable and multi-threaded bearingbrackets

REARLIGHT                                                       YES

BREAKLIGHT                                                    YES 

INDICATORS                                                      YES

PLATE ILLUMINATION                                     NO

(but seperately adaptable)

e-APPROVAL MARKING illumination           YES

fitting for license plate dimension                180mm

compliance of minimum indicator dist.*      YES

no need to record in reg.papers **                YES

adjustable illumination                                    YES

(fully adjustable from vertical to horizontal mounting such as 360 degree rotatable to find the perfect parallel adjustment to the road to overcome the plateangle and avoid followers blinding)

*TüV conform minimum distance (180mm) of indicators for all motorcycles registered accoring EG law.

(nearly all from 1998 onwards)

**no need to record in registation papers if parts mounted correctly.


Rear-, Brake-, & Indikator lights sideways  / vertical or horizontal adjustable

license plate illumination optional adaptable (not included)

Clean & lean appearance.

Vertical & horizontal adjustable / mountable.

360 degree adjustable around own axis.


Simple assembly on most common license brackets.

Nearly endless assembly options by movable, multi-threaded bearing brackets. 

Illumination adjustable from vertical to horizontal.


360 degree adjustable illumination which overcomes even extreme license plate mounting angles.

Unintended blinding of your follower will be avoided fully

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